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Corredor de Mexico

ON Saturday night, as my wife and I enjoyed the ambiance leading up to the Boston Marathon, I spotted this man wrapping himself in a flag. (Another image of the man with the flag can be seen in the prior post.) I went over and asked him what it was. “It is the flag of Mexico.”, he told me. I met several runners from Mexico at the finish line that night. All came for the camaraderie and to make photos. This man was kind enough to let me make this image of him. (“Corredor” is the Spanish word for “runner”.)

Patriot’s Day (aka Marathon Monday)

It is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, which also means it is Marathon Monday, the day the Boston Marathon is run. For the weekend before the race, the streets around the finish line are closed to traffic and people walk around taking photos of themselves and friends. Most of us will never cross the finish line as part of the race. It is our chance to run, walk, of bike across this line. Many runners stop by after picking up their bib number and snap a photo before the race on Monday. When we ventured down on Saturday night, we spoke with people from various parts of the country and the world. It’s nice to see everyone coming together in peace. There are no politics here.

I’m in school the next few days but later this week, I’ll share a few more images of some rather distinctive people.

Boston Chinatown Wall Art

Boston does not have much in the way of wall art, but the Chinatown district has some creative work. I made these images on a visit to Boston a few weeks ago.

Street Scenes

I made these two images in Boston last week. Both presented rather busy subjects and I liked all of the various layers to each of these complex images. One image was made in Chinatown and the other in Downtown Crossing.

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts

On the top floor of Boston’s Faneuil Hall is the museum and headquarters of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. The Company is the oldest chartered military organization in the western hemisphere. Its charter was granted in March 1638 as part of a British colony whose mission was to prepare its members to serve as officers in the enrolled militia companies. It later served the new nation of the United States and has fulfilled its mission continually since. IN the twentieth century, the mission changed with the creation of the National Guard and the federalization of officer training. The Company mission has changed to a supportive role in preserving the historic and patriotic traditions of the city of Boston, the Commonwealth and the Nation.

These are a few images of the museum. It has military memorabilia from the Company’s nearly 400-year history. Much of it is in glass cases and therefore is difficult to photograph. This will give you a sense of the space.

Now, one of the items in these images is not like the other. The brightly striped uniform is that of the Swiss Guard who protect the Pontiff. Sunday marks the end of a photo exhibition about the Swiss Guard.

Source: http://www.ahac.us.com/about.htm