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The Interloper

A few weeks back, I showed some images of the bows of several boats in a line. As I was finishing up the shoot, this gal swam up and hopped on one of the boats. She seemed to think there might be something good in there. My philosophy is that if you get in my shot, you get to be a part of my image.


Make Way for Duckings

This sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden was inspired by Robert McCloskey’s book Make Way for Duckings about a family of ducks living on an island in the lagoon in the garden. It looks like they have been dressed for spring. You have to get there awfully early to get images without lots of children crowding the ducks.

Duck Race

Each October, the local fire department association has an open house and duck race fund raiser. As you can see these ducks are of the plastic variety. People buy a duck for the day for $5. They are all dumped into the river and ‘swim’ downstream where chutes narrow the lane to funnel them into a single line so that one crosses the finish line first.

There are also fire engine rides and the chance to touch and explore the fire engines. The money goes to buying equipment for the department. While it may seem like all fun and games, a thermal-imaging camera purchased with such funds saved a man’s life last year.

No ducks were harmed in the making of this post.

Make Way for Duckings – Monochrome vs Color

Ducklings in Monochrome

This sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden commemorates the cherished children’s book by Robert McCloskey. A few times, I’ve seen them wearing special hats. Presumably, these are bonnets from the recent Easter holiday. I made this photo and like it in both color and BW. The color shows the form well, but the color shows the warm light. Do you have a preference?

Ducklings in the Bonnets