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The Field

This field lies between our home and the nearest city. I drive by it a lot and have loved this planting of what looks to be some type of wheat. On Sunday, I managed to have my camera with me at the same time that we had some really nice light. It’s a good think that I did it then because all of this is gone now. They are preparing the field for the next planting.


Brookline Road Farm

I made this on a day that we had a bit of snow just before Christmas. It is a farm in the next town over.

Hancock Shaker Village


Yesterday, we visited Hancock Shaker Village on the Massachusetts border with New York. They are a Christian sect founded in the 18th century. Few of them remain. They are known for living simply and for their craftsmanship. The Shaker village in Hancock Massachusetts is now preserved as a museum.

Marsh – Billings – Rockefeller National Historical Park

Wednesday, we went to the Marsh – Billings – Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, VT. The park is dedicated to the memory of three men who lived in the home (Marsh, Billings and Rockefeller) and who were dedicated to conservation and ultimately helped to preserve lands in our country’s national parks. Across the street is the Billings Farm and Museum, a working dairy farm that is open for tours and shows the history of farming.

The photos show two Tiffany stained glass windows. One is called “Passing the Torch” and is very fitting to the idea of conservation as it moves from one generation to the next. The other is in the music section of the parlor. The text reads, “Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night, become the touches of sweet harmony. Merchant of Venice Act V”