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Patriot’s Day (aka Marathon Monday)

It is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, which also means it is Marathon Monday, the day the Boston Marathon is run. For the weekend before the race, the streets around the finish line are closed to traffic and people walk around taking photos of themselves and friends. Most of us will never cross the finish line as part of the race. It is our chance to run, walk, of bike across this line. Many runners stop by after picking up their bib number and snap a photo before the race on Monday. When we ventured down on Saturday night, we spoke with people from various parts of the country and the world. It’s nice to see everyone coming together in peace. There are no politics here.

I’m in school the next few days but later this week, I’ll share a few more images of some rather distinctive people.


First Marathon?

Her First Marathon

Of the many images that I made at the finish line the day before the marathon, this is my favorite. The obvious centerpiece is this young girl on her mother’s shoulder, oblivious to all around her. But, if you scan the background, there is so much happening in the scene from the pair of people holding up a banner bearing the number 12 on the left to people spreading up into the bleachers in the far right. It really captures all of the activity leading up to the marathon in a great setting. Cheers.

Boston Marathon – The Day Before

Monday the 20th is Patriots Day in Massachusetts and the running of the Boston Marathon. This is a huge event in Boston. The city turns out, lining the course and cheering on the runners.

I also enjoy the day before. Crews are setting up the finish line area and people come over to check out the scene and take pictures. It includes runners, their families and really anybody who happens to be in the area. There is such a party-like atmosphere.

In 2013, two young men attempted to spoil the party by detonating bombs around the finish line on race day. The race has continued but I wondered about the gathering at the finish line on the day before. Could people get to the finish line and enjoy themselves as they used to do; or would fear keep them away, or security close it off? So I went down today with my camera. See for yourself. The party continues.