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Boston Inner Harbor Sunrise

I chose this image of Boston’s inner harbor for today’s post because the harbor will be anything but quiet today. A parade of tall ships is arriving for a five-day stay in Boston. The list of ships is long and they are expecting two million people to view the parade. As thrilling as that would be, we had already opted for a charity bicycle tour in another part of the city. With any luck, we may get down to Boston sometime this week to see some of the vessels.

Commercial Wharf

Comercial Wharf

Yesterday, I showed an image from Boston’s Christopher Columbus park. Turning around and walking 30 yds/m, I was at the water’s edge looking at Commercial Wharf. I’m not sure there is much commercial about Commercial Wharf anymore. These are now luxury condos and lofts for sale or rent. There are fewer boats in the water now and those in the water are getting buttoned up for winter.